Distribution of zeros of entire functions by Levin B.Ja.

Distribution of zeros of entire functions

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For entire functions f(z) = Xfeuajzl whose coeflicients satisfy the smoothness . The Phase Problem in Scattering Phenomena: The Zeros of Entire Functions and on the properties of the distribution of zeros of functions of exponential type. Let G(z) be a real entire function of order less than 2 with only real zeros. Levin, “Distribution of zeros of entire functions”, American. Without any assumption on the distribution of zeros. Levin, Distribution of Zeros of Entire Functions, Amer. Keywords: Distribution moments, entire functions of finite order, regular variation, karamata. Entire functions of finite order, almost negative zeros, extended regular variation. One of the most important problems in the theory of entire functions is the distribution of the zeros of entire functions. Distribution of the zeros of 1r,,_,,, in the case when the number 17 in (1.2) is. Zeros and these have a uniform angular distribution. Polya in his great paper of 1929 [13] made a study of lacunary entire functions and. Let and be nonconstant entire functions, and let be an integer. Let f be an entire function of the exponential type, such that the indicator diagram is in [−iσ,iσ], ..