Large-Scale C++ Software Design by John Lakos

Large-Scale C++ Software Design

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Large-Scale C++ Software Design John Lakos ebook
Format: djvu
Publisher: Addison Wesley
Page: 870
ISBN: 0201633620,

Save up to £100 by booking your place this week. Experience in user interface design with a working knowledge of standard UI toolkits. Aug 22, 2013 - The ideal candidate will possess a strong software engineering background delivering novel software solutions for large-scale distributed systems. Sep 12, 2013 - Expert in C/C++; Experience with large-scale object oriented software design and architecture. Jan 3, 2006 - 读书笔记(1) ------ 《大规模C++程序设计》(Large-Scale C++ Software Design ). Howard Deiner, who has applied the principles of Agile and XP development in teams both large and small is on the schedule for three sessions: Lean Thinking And What It Means To The Agile Mindset; Agility at Scale – Platform vs. Jul 10, 2012 - Ebook download, Ebook Review, Product DescriptionDeveloping a large-scale software system in C++ requires more than just a sound understanding of the logical design issues covered in. May 1, 2014 - We are looking for Software Development Engineers to help architect, design, write code, and deliver the next generation of the Windows Cloud. Whatever change you make to a core library affects virtually every single piece of software. Apr 1, 2013 - The Trilinos library developed at Sandia is an open source premier object-oriented software framework for the solution of large-scale, complex multi-physics engineering and scientific problems Join us as Mike Heroux will provide an overview Design and prototype scalable threading using Intel® Advisor XE Intel C++ Compiler can boost performance by detecting the potential parallelism in a loop by checking the data dependence and data flow using its auto-vectorization feature. Apr 30, 2014 - An event that brings together over twenty of the world's foremost experts on software design and development takes place in London next month. Dec 22, 2012 - I read it from cover to end only to find out later that it was going to be the course book for the AI module I took in Kingston University. May 3, 2013 - Dealing with a large codebase (in the order of a hundred million lines of code) changes the scale conversation significantly. Jul 28, 2013 - Short about the book: Development of a system of large c++ software, requires more than a solid understanding of the logical design issues in most of the books on the C++ programming. Apr 4, 2013 - Currently it can only compete in terms of performance (it seems to be the most efficient C++ math library for many operations) and in terms of software architecture and design. Required Skills: Expert design and development skills in C and/or Erlang. In this role, you will work closely with many Appropriate experience in software development in C/C++/ C#/Java Demonstrated interest in one of the following areas: large scale internet applications, distributed systems, client/server and multitier architecture, and web development.