Microsoft Jscript.NET Programming by Justin Rogers

Microsoft Jscript.NET Programming

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Microsoft Jscript.NET Programming Justin Rogers ebook
Format: pdf
Page: 357
ISBN: 0672321483,
Publisher: Sams

I knew about J# (Microsoft's attempt to lure Java programmers to the .NET platform), but what the heck is JScript.NET? Free computer, programming, engineering, mathematics, technical books, lecture notes and tutorials. I eventually came across JScript.NET. A "Shared Source" version of the CLI and the C# and JScript compilers is at [4]. Instead you can learn ASP.Net language. You require Web Dev Express, a mini-web server to run ASP.Net to learn Jscript programming. Off to the main topic of the post. NET: The latest version of Microsoft's programming IDE. I started searching the web for this error. If you don't know anything at all about programming, well you should probably get a book oriented at learning to program (DON'T learn JavaScript expecting it to help you program in UnityScript — it's more of a cross between the ECMAScript standard at least somewhat, it varies in many ways from other implementations of JavaScript that are based on the same standard. However, ASP has become obsolete over the years and Microsoft no longer supports it. Microsoft JScript runtime error: ASP.NET Ajax client-side framework failed to load. Apparently JScript is now called JScript.NET and can be compiled to create .exe files. OK, it's a joke that with one programming skill only you'll be employed for life, but it's a fun thought anyway. I'm sure the list above is not even complete. It is perhaps most similar to Microsoft's JScript, especially in that both are .NET languages. Of course this supports the .NET Framework and a number of languages that NET and Tcl (and Perl and Python) from the Microsoft perspective, see this article in Microsoft's Technet: " Taking Advantage of Windows 2000 and the .NET Platform" [3]. This is Microsoft's version of JavaScript (yep, the thing that annoys us *sometimes* in IE) and can also be used to create server side pages (ASP, ASP.NET) or desktop applications.